C/Domènec Cardenal 2, Bellvís (Lleida) SPAIN

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Productos Naturales Capell S.A. is located in a village called Bellvís, in the county of Pla d’Urgell of the province of Lleida at 207m of altitude. The construction of the Urgell Canal facilitated the conversion of a dry land to an irrigation land, enabling the introduction of new crops. Our organic fields are located at 5km from the factory.

Information about packaging method and minimum order:

It is distributed in retractable packaging of 6 units per pack in the case of jars and 1.700g. of quince jelly, and 12 units per box of 400g of quince jelly. Each europalet (80cm x 120cm) consists of 6 floors, each floor consisting of:

  • 26 packs in small format (350g. tomato, 400g. jams and 500g. honey)
  • 20 packs in big format (700g. tomato and 1.000g. honey)
  • 13 boxes of quince

The minimum order is one europalet, which can consist of several products.