Our tomato-based products

Tomatoes from our fields are harvested at its optimum ripeness and a meticulous selected on-site production before being sent for processing at our facilities located at 5km from our fields, which are manufactured the same day.

The short time between harvesting and processing, along with our facilities adapted to our product and previous work in the field, can preserve all the aroma and flavour of fresh tomatoes. All these factors are important to increase lycopene content, which is the most common natural antioxidant found in tomatoes, which produces the characteristic red colour of our tomato sauces.

Tomatoes cultivation in our fields follows rigorous methods used in organic farming, controlled and supervised by the CCPAE (Catalonia Council of Organic Agricultural Production).

Our tomato products

Organic crushed tomatoes
Organic tomato puree
Organic tomato Frito sauce
Organic homemade tomato sauce
Organic tomato sauce made from garden produce (ratatouille)
Organic tomato sauce for pasta and pizza
Organic tomato sauce high in lycopene
Organic spicy tomato sauce
Organic whole peeled tomatoes
Organic tomato juice

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