Productos Naturales Capell S.A., is a family-style food company rooted in the territory. We have always aimed for craft and natural products of the highest quality and seeking a balance between traditional craftsmanship and the use of advanced technology, while respecting the environment.

Firstly, we only produced honey as our beekeeping tradition goes back for three generations. Later, we included other natural products in our range of products such as tomato sauce, jam, and so on. Our aim is to promote a healthy diet with all the flavors from the traditional recipes.

We adapted our field for an organic farming due to our business philosophy and innovative interest, being an added value to our products. We use local ingredients produced either in our field or coming from farmers in the vicinity, who follow our philosophy.

Since then, the company has not ceased to innovate and incorporate new products such as vegetable soups, tomato sauce for pizza and pasta and tomato sauce with high lycopene content.

We have also improved the nutritional value for our products by reducing the quantities of sugar, and so on. Even, we are working to improve our packaging using the bisphenol A free lids.